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BetOnCrypt helps gamblers from all over the world in finding the best cryptocurrency-friendly casinos.

Our mission is to provide gamblers from all over the world with fair information about the cryptocurrency-based casinos. In order to achieve this goal, we daily check all new igaming platforms and double-check the old ones. We base our research on such criteria as legal status, bonus transparency and fairness, and software developers.

There are three basic rules: Casino must be licensed (Curacao License is preferable), Slot software developers must be trusted and also licensed, welcome bonuses must be transparent with wagering requirements are real to complete, and user’s personal data must be stored properly. Completion of all of these requirements will lead you to the casinos, presented on BetOnCrypt.

Cryptocurrencies Are Changing the World

Since the launch of Bitcoin Blockchain in 2009, cryptocurrencies popularity grew exponentially. These are the reasons why crypto-enthusiasts believe in the future of blockchain: 


No one controls blockchain and at the same time, everyone controls it. That’s the main feature of this technology and the reason why blockchain is so safe and transparent.

No 3rd Parties

When you send money to your friend using a credit card, you involve to this process certain third parties like banks or payment aggregators. In a blockchain, you send digital assets directly to the other user. This leads to the lower fees and the faster speed of transactions.


Since the Bitcoin blockchain is anonymous, it’s the most private payment system on the Earth. No one will never know sends the transaction and who receives it.

Our Editor

Meet the guy who is responsible for all content on our platform. If you won’t be satisfied by one the bonuses or casino, you know who to blame!

Joe Kinsey
CryptoGambling.com Chief Editor

Joe knows everything about casinos and cryptocurrency. Sometimes we think that he was born with the casino chips in his hands. Maybe that’s why at his 32 years he spent 10 of them working for various casinos and igaming software developers.

Why Us?

Here are some reasons to choose the BetOnCrypt team.

Casino Lovers

BetOnCrypt team is formed only by passionate casino lovers. That’s why since we love our job, we are doing it well.

Crypto Experts

Also, we have experienced crypto evangelists in our team that help us be sure that all questions related to cryptocurrencies remain answered.

Research and Data

We use a strong and complex approach during our research. All platforms presented in BetOnCrypt meet a huge number of parameters.

Free Casino Games

We always keep you informed about the new Free Casino games and various bonuses. Our database is updated daily.